Francis Frangipane: “At An Inconvenient Time”

May 16, 2006

Francis Frangipane: “At An Inconvenient Time”

The Lord has multitudes who believe in Him, but only a minority who truly worship Him. True worshipers find their fulfillment in adoring God. The fragrance of their worship rises, not only during the scheduled times of church services, but also during inconvenient times.

A true worshiper will rise early before work or school; they’re up before the household is, so they can be alone with God. Instead of being frustrated by delays, they transform difficulties and setbacks into opportunities to magnify God. You might see one of these worshipers sitting in the car next to you during a traffic jam, singing along with Christian music in their car.

A True Worshiper has Learned the Secret of Worshiping God At Inconvenient Times

I, too, find the Lord leading me to worship Him during inconvenient times. I might be alone writing or working on some important project, when something awakens in my spirit. I become aware that the presence of the Lord is near. Yet, He isn’t commanding me to worship, He’s inviting me. The time of worship may be as little as 10 or 15 minutes, or it might be much longer. Regardless, I turn from what I am doing, pick up my guitar, and begin to worship Him.

Frankly, I am not a good musician; I only know a few chords. Yet as I worship, I know the King of Heaven is actually pleased with my offering. He has granted me an audience, and in some mysterious way, He causes me to feel that the sound of my worship is the only thing He hears as I’m singing.

The Invitation

I, for one, desire my worship to become all-consuming. Yet, I confess that a primary obstacle I must overcome, is the inconvenient timing of His invitation. It seems like He actually waits until I am focused on some important project–something He actually wants me to complete. Sometimes it might be late at night as I am almost asleep, when the opportunity to worship draws near.

Yet, the very fact that I have responded, in spite of the “inconvenience,” actually refines and sweetens my worship. Indeed, when I worship in our Sunday service, I admit I can be carried by the sound of the music and the participation of others around me. I am in an atmosphere of worship, so my praise may actually be something imparted to me by others and not purely my own. However, when He comes at an inconvenient time, my response reaffirms that my worship is real, and that God truly is first in my life.

What is also a great pleasure to me (given such short notice), is that He does not expect a large production from me. As wonderful as Sunday worship services are, He is not looking for a professional song service, just something real from my heart.

Another blessing is that my wife will often hear me worshiping and without fail, she will join me. As I worship, I’ll soon notice a voice singing alongside me in the background. She’s as absorbed as I am in the presence of God. It doesn’t matter what she was doing, she loves to bow before God and that, too, sweetens our worship.

Prayer and Worship

There is a difference between prayer and worship. Prayer is an appeal to God based on our needs and the needs of our world. The world is filled with people, each with heartfelt and urgent requests that are welcomed by our Father in Heaven, and they are each heard in the throne room of light. However, worship is not the articulation of our need; it is the consummation of our love. It is what we offer to God regardless of the status of our needs.

Recall the Gospel account of the ten leprous men who cried to Jesus for healing. After the Lord answered their prayers and healed them, they all went their way. One, however, stopped and turned “back, glorifying God with a loud voice. . . he fell on his face at His feet, giving thanks to Him” (Luke 17:11-19). Full of gratitude to Christ, this man returned to bow in worship before God. You see, many people will pray, multitudes will find answers, but few will return to Him in worship.

Beloved, if worship flows genuinely from our hearts, the Lord will repeatedly invite us into His presence. His invitation will approach the doorstep of our souls quietly. It will come disguised as a simple desire to love Him. If we follow this desire, it will lead into the presence of God.

As we worship Him, He will grant us inner strength and peace. As we come with thanksgiving, He will refresh us with His love and joy. Let us delight in the privilege of becoming true worshipers of God, even when the opportunity comes at an inconvenient time.

Francis Frangipane


2 Responses to “Francis Frangipane: “At An Inconvenient Time””

  1. Sharon Says:

    The most inconvenient call to worship my husband and I had was when we were looking for our son who had gone on a hike and disappeared in Hawaii. We had been teaching worship as a lifestyle and the test was answering His call to worship in the midst of our deepest despair. It was an awesome experience and one that transformed tragedy into victory even though we never found our son.

    Sharon Reece

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