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“STEM Share”

June 2, 2006

“STEM Share”

Friends of ours are currently working with a missions orginization called “STEM Share”. The orginization sends Short-Term Teams to Unreached People Groups in the Restricted Access 10/40 Window Nations.

It is a unique mission involving:

Prayerwalking & Intercession

  • Praying for lost people, cities, & nations
  • Helping improve the local spiritual environment

Pre-Evangelism Activities

  • Humanitarian assistance & relief efforts
  • Opportunities to let God use your practical skills & service to bless lost, needy people and to create a welcome in their hearts for the Lord Jesus!
  • Mercy Ministry: clothing/food distribution, orphan visitation & play, medical help, etc.
    Construction projects
  • Teaching & education: English, computers, health/hygiene, quilting, forestry, agriculture, etc

Currently they are accepting applications for a mission in Turkey. If you want to be a part of this great opportunity CLICK HERE.