This spontaneous song by Joe speaks of a wall that surrounds us when we pray. A wall of protection, a wall of safety — a security wall! Praise fortifies this wall around us. It’s a wall we can build around ourselves, our loved ones, our church, our pastors, our city, our region, our nation, and even the nations of this world! A God-Wall!

The songs, exhortations, and prophecies in this series of podcasts were birthed spontanously during worship at The Love Church between July 1990 and August 1993. The recording and mixes vary in quality, but the message of God speaking through His people and His people speaking to Him is loud and clear… “Lord, we sing to You a new song”.

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by Joe Cuda

Just a quick PRAISE REPORT for the healing power of Jesus Christ! Two days ago I was reaching to grab a box that was up high and it felt like I pulled a muscle (or something) on my right-side back ribs. This has happened to me a number of times over the past several years. It is very painful and usually takes several weeks to fully heal. However, this time it would be different!

It was hard to find a position, as I slept that night, where it did not hurt. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep.

The next day was Sunday. We attended the Bethel Church in Redding that evening. The entire service was going to be focused on healing. At one point during the Praise and Worship time we were encouraged to dance. I enthusiastically joined in.

The service continued with words of knowledge being given about different infirmities God was going to heal. After we prayed for the maladies that were “called out”, Bill Johnson said, “Go ahead and check yourselves and do something you couldn’t do before”.

Even though my back pain had not been “called out”, I started moving around — gingerly at first. To my surprise, my back no longer hurt! I moved into positions that were very painful before the worship time, but now I could not feel any pain. I tried my best to find a painful position, but there was none! It was then I realized I must have been healed during the dancing time earlier. Thank You Jesus!

There were 122 healings reported that night, ranging from migrain headaches, to arches being created in a man’s formerly “flat”feet, along with several other feet/toe problems being healed, to deaf ears being opened, and a spine being properly aligned, just to name a few.

The miraculous healing touch of the Master’s Hand on my back that night was wonderful. I slept unhindered by pain and have had none since. Truly He is a mighty God and I thank Him with all that is within me. Bless His Holy name!